Other Uses of Ceramic Tiles Aside From Using it for Walls and Floors

Tiles give emphasis to a home. It gives beauty and texture which emphasizes the overall appearance of your homes, but don’t you know that tiles could also be used in making other useful things at home? If you have extra or leftovers, don’t throw them away because it can still be useful. Before we tell you what can be done of those extras, let us first talk about the main use of tiles, for floors and walls. Each one of us has our own and many preferences when it comes to designs that is why there are tons of designs made by several builders and designers. Ceramic tiles have been used to exhibit these astounding designs which we can buy to beautify our homes.

Lauren Shanesy will share to us the top ten ceramic finishes for 2017. Let’s read her article below.

Trendy Tiles: The Top Ten Ceramic Finishes for 2017

As we approach the end of another year, designers are thinking about what the most popular trends will be among consumers as they design homes for 2017. When it comes to tiles, the hottest trends for 2017 offer buyers a number of unique finish options for any kind of style, from “gritty chic” to “rustic modern.”

Cersaie, the world’s largest exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, was held in Bologna, Italy this past September, and showcased the latest tile products from over 800 companies. Ceramics of Italy, an Italian-based firm that represents over 200 ceramic production companies, highlighted the top ten tile trends from the show that builders and designers should watch as they head into the New Year. New textures and unusual aesthetics, such as faux wood tiles with a twist, retro patterns, and metallics, emerged as design styles that buyers will be looking for in 2017. Read more here 

Now that we know the top trends for floors and tiles, we can now go beyond and explore other different objects that can be made out of ceramic tiles. We just need a little bit of creativity to come up with these improvised yet unique objects. With the materials used in making ceramic tiles, it can be suitable for use in several things.

In one of the articles by Joe Truini, he will teach us how to use ceramic tiles as a kitchen trivet.

How to Make a Ceramic Tile Trivet

I had some tile left over from a recent project, so I decided to make a trivet out of it. Here’s what I did:

  1. Spray a piece of wax paper with a light coating of cooking oil spray.
  2. Lay two paint stir sticks on the wax paper. Position them closely together so the tile’s corners will hang off the edge.
  3. To make the feet for the trivet, put a dab of hot glue in each corner of the tile.
  4. Immediately set the tile on the wood sticks and press down. The sticks serve as spacers to ensure each glue pad is exactly the same thickness.

Read more here 

That is just one way to use ceramic tiles in a different way. It can be useful in the kitchen especially for hot pots and pans. Another item that will be improvised using tiles could be used for hot cups and mugs. However, we could beautify them more using our own designs. We could modify them and make them look even more fancier and creative.

Angie Chavez, in her article, will tell us how to be more creative in using ceramic tiles. Read her article below.

DIY Salvaged Wood Quilt Block Coasters & Ceramic Tiles – Knick of Time

I think small things aren’t getting the attention they deserve. For example, Starbucks got all fancy with their “Grande” and “Venti” size drinks, but then they just called the small and medium drinks “short” and “tall.” What, there’s no fancy way to say “short and tall”? They want you to think bigger is better with the fancier names, but the coffee is just as good in the small size as the Venti. So today, I’m going to show you why small things are every bit as wonderful as their full-size counterparts. A few months ago, I introduced some Quilt Block stencils in my line of Vintage Sign Stencils. They are the perfect size to make barn quilt wall art and quilt block pillows. But what if you love making small things? Well, I’m happy to report that I’m now carrying the quilt block stencils in smaller sizes too and I made two new projects with them to show you. Read more here 

Wow! That was just amazing! From all the trendy ceramic wall and floor designs, we can already make our home beautiful and well designed. There are numerous designs to choose from and they are all great. However, the use of tiles doesn’t end there. We can actually recycle extra tiles and make something useful. With these, there would be no wastes and you could lessen expenses because you wouldn’t have to buy new ones. Just get the old tiles, think of something that you need which can be made using those leftover tiles, and then you are all done. Plus, you can even make your own designs!


Are you doing enough research while choosing tiles for your home?

If you are not satisfied with the choice of the tiles you have made for your home, the real culprit is you and you alone. This means that you should do a proper research for choosing the right type of tiles for your home. Of course, it is tough to offer concrete advice as to how to go about the task of researching. However, if you keep the following points in mind while doing your research, it may be easy for you to make the right choice.

1. The feed-backs of past customers of companies that offer may help you choose the right supplier. This means you should not only visit the websites of the reputed suppliers to know fully well about them but should go through the feed-backs given by the past customers of the companies. If you observe that the suppliers have taken the feed-backs they have received from their customers in the right spirit and made efforts to improve their efficiency as well as the quality of their products, you can include them in your final list. The rationale behind this exercise is that you can be sure that a supplier that respects the views of their customers will certainly make available the products you may need.

2. Your predominant concern may be to get the ceramic tiles Singapore stand out and tastes. Apart from enhancing the looks of your home, the tiles you ultimately decide to use should create the right ambiance in your home. So, your researching efforts should be focused towards fulfilling both the aims. This means that just for the sake of catering to your tastes, you must not commit the mistake of not having the right type of comfort in your home. Similarly, focusing on comfort alone may also be a mistake because by doing so, you may lose sight of the aspect of enhancing the looks of your home.

Therefore, once you short-list two or three competent suppliers that offer high quality ceramic tiles, you should check if they can make available to you those tiles that may fulfill both the aspects you are aiming at.

To elaborate a little more on this point, let us assume that you are choosing tiles that come in your favorite colors. You should not blindly procure them because the colors of the tiles you choose should blend seamlessly with the colors of the walls of the rooms of your house. Otherwise, instead of enhancing the looks of your home, the tiles may nullify all your efforts. You may become a laughing stock in front of your visitors also.

Secondly, you must consider the sizes of the rooms while choosing the tiles. If a particular room is small, you must go only for tiles of smaller sizes because using large tiles in such a small room may create an illusion that the room is smaller than its real size.

You should take into account the utility aspect as well while making your choice. Remember that your living room will have more traffic than your bedroom. So, you must go for highly durable ceramic tiles for your living room and just reasonably-durable tiles for your bedroom.

3. Never forget the fact that there is competition in the tiles industry also. Therefore, some of the suppliers may try to lure you by offering tiles at very low costs. This being the case, chances of they adopting tricks like compromising on quality to safeguard their margins are high. Though the intention is not to induce paranoia in your mind, you are advised to do your shopping with focus both on quality and cost aspects instead of focusing on the cost aspect alone. The real intention is that you should not become a hapless victim of the avarice of such suppliers.