The Right Curtains For Your Office Space

First impressions can be very important, and even more so when your professional reputation depends on it. When people enter your workspace, what they see on the surface could tell them a lot about how much you respect your work and your clients. Your office decor plays an important part in all of this, and one element in that is how you drape your windows and maybe even doors. Since your office is a formal space, the curtains in the room need to reflect the standards of professionalism you want to convey. Carelessly hanging any odd curtain could make your work environment look shabby, and that could affect people’s perception of your work.

Curtains come in a variety of styles and designs. You can get them custom made or buy them off the shelf, depending on what your requirements and budget are. Singapore is a global city, so getting curtains in Singapore of whatever kind is no problem at all. This makes choosing the right curtains for your office space a comfortable task, if you keep in mind some simple guidelines.

Guide to buying curtains for a formal environment

The purpose and style of your office is obviously professional, so the curtains need to reflect that. When choosing what curtains to put up in your professional space, keep in mind the following:

Fabric – Sheer curtains are made of fabric that provide ample sunlight into the room while also protecting the privacy of your daily business, to some extent. Additionally, you can choose blackout curtains that are made of fabric which block out light and also provide more privacy since they are more opaque than sheer curtains. Fabric is also important when considering ventilation and insulation. For fresh air, lighter materials will provide easy flow whereas block out materials will provide better insulation from the heat.

Style and Design – Curtains can de draped or hung in different styles and designs. The style best suited for a formal space is probably the box pleat style. They give a tailored and formal look to the curtains, with deep folds that give the curtain a pleated design.

Colour and Patterns – You want colours and patterns that portray the mood of the room. Since an office is more of a formal environment, choose something accordingly. Also, consider what impression you want to give to visitors in your office.

With these three things in mind, you can easily create a smart work space simply with the right curtains.

You Can Choose A Blind That Matches Your Wall And The Interiors

Blinds in general are the coverings that help from managing light, wind and other related systems which are controlled by their presence. Similar to curtains but are made of different variety of materials like wood, metal, plastic, beads and hard cloth made in a variety of formats like slats aligned horizontally & vertically. These are kept to hold by all the chords that pass through these slats. The operation of blind is easy; it can be done manually or even controlled through a remote to open / close. Also some blinds are replaced with shades when a soft material is used other than slat.

printed wallpaper

Different varieties & Uses –

As mentioned there are a variety of Blinds made with a variety of material and a widest range of designs. Here it goes –

Roman: This blind is the one different blind from the routine one which holds fabric as the primary material and is designed in pleats to draw up or close down.

Vertical: This is a different styling that looks splendid when hanged from ceiling on to ground. Most of the times there is a misconception of these blinds to consider as panel blinds. But there is a visible difference if observed, especially in the individual slats. This type is maintenance easy and user friendly.

Black Bamboo and White Bamboo: As the name refers the primary material is of Bamboo and the colour varies to white or black. It suits best over the concept or theme of black and white in the best colonial style.

Outdoor: The outdoor blinds are mostly used for resisting any tropical changes of weather like rain, wind and dust from entering into the corridors or the rooms beside. They are similar to roller blinds but are measure made and weather resistant.

Rainbow: The blind that is having wide range popularity in the looks that are versatile, fabric that is double layered and height that is adjustable. As long as there is no disturbance to the stagger crated it can allow light or object it as per the requirement.

PVC wooden: The look like wood has the best features to keep a cozy and warm room when there is high humid temperature, rooms prone to more sun glare with affordable prices as it is made of PVC. It keeps the airflow moving in the room. It is also available in Timber.

Venetian: This is one of those few blinds that are always ever green style to use. The sleek models of blinds usually are available in PVC and aluminium, white to dark colours and can be rotated to 180 degrees for light and privacy.

Roller: If blinds are opted for 100% light or to go with a privacy that gives the calmness, these blinds go the best. They are durable and can fit in any environment like home / office and easy to maintain.

Last word –

So, for a family that is newly moved to Singapore, it is no hectic task as to find where the right blinds can be available. Because, many wallpaper suppliers Singapore hold maximum varieties of Blinds with widest range of collections. So, have a happy decor.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds invariably add a touch of luxury and elegance in whichever space they grace. They still haven’t lost their appeal even after being in use for several centuries. Roman Blinds at Softhome would come with the soft look and feel of fine draperies which giving you complete control over light. For a more personalized look you can browse through Roman blinds in customized sizes, shapes, colours and textures on SOFTHOME Roman Blinds. Here you can find all sorts of roman shades be it a looped shade, a flat blind, a dog eared blind or a balloon shade.

type: roman blinds

The timeless appeal of this kind of shade has resulted in its lasting popularity. Roman blinds would give you the most precise control over light thus allowing you your required privacy. The full fabric panel of roman shades would not only diffuse the external light entering the room but would also prevent any glimpse of your indoors to the passersby. Roman blinds in blackout shades would completely shut off your room from any external light. They are ideal for TV rooms, gaming rooms or any room which is in need of a darkening feature.

Unlike the wooden blinds, roman shades would add a soft touch to your interiors. Once you have carefully selected the fabric which goes with the overall decor in your room, there is no other window treatment which can match the grace and appeal of a Roman blind. Even when you open them completely they still look quite attractive. When you pull the lift cord the folds of the blind are neatly pulled and folded beneath the previous fold leaving an attractive stack on the top of your window.

The teardrop style Roman blinds are most suited for homes with a traditional look and feel. Also known as the hobbled style, it folds the fabric at regular intervals so as to give a shuttered effect to the shade. The flat roman blinds on the other hand flatten the shade against the windows and leads to a more urban and contemporary look. Roman Blinds are ideal for rooms which are not prone to excessive moisture and they can be ideal for your living room, bed room or guest room. However it is suggested that you don’t use roman shades for your kitchen or bathroom.

People who like minimalistic designs for their homes can opt for a flat linen roman blind in solid colours or go for a checked or striped fabric. However if you like it fancy then you need to go for a roman shade in lace and satin. You can also go for a fabric with embossed faux silk for a diffused light and a subtler look. In a country house one can consider fabrics like rich tweed or jacquard which have high cotton content. However, if you are interested in installing a roman shade for your kitchen or bathroom then you need to choose a synthetic material which is easy to clean. Roman shades made out of easy to wipe plastic material will prevent the appearance of mold and are extremely easy to maintain.