Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds invariably add a touch of luxury and elegance in whichever space they grace. They still haven’t lost their appeal even after being in use for several centuries. Roman Blinds at Softhome would come with the soft look and feel of fine draperies which giving you complete control over light. For a more personalized look you can browse through Roman blinds in customized sizes, shapes, colours and textures on SOFTHOME Roman Blinds. Here you can find all sorts of roman shades be it a looped shade, a flat blind, a dog eared blind or a balloon shade.

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The timeless appeal of this kind of shade has resulted in its lasting popularity. Roman blinds would give you the most precise control over light thus allowing you your required privacy. The full fabric panel of roman shades would not only diffuse the external light entering the room but would also prevent any glimpse of your indoors to the passersby. Roman blinds in blackout shades would completely shut off your room from any external light. They are ideal for TV rooms, gaming rooms or any room which is in need of a darkening feature.

Unlike the wooden blinds, roman shades would add a soft touch to your interiors. Once you have carefully selected the fabric which goes with the overall decor in your room, there is no other window treatment which can match the grace and appeal of a Roman blind. Even when you open them completely they still look quite attractive. When you pull the lift cord the folds of the blind are neatly pulled and folded beneath the previous fold leaving an attractive stack on the top of your window.

The teardrop style Roman blinds are most suited for homes with a traditional look and feel. Also known as the hobbled style, it folds the fabric at regular intervals so as to give a shuttered effect to the shade. The flat roman blinds on the other hand flatten the shade against the windows and leads to a more urban and contemporary look. Roman Blinds are ideal for rooms which are not prone to excessive moisture and they can be ideal for your living room, bed room or guest room. However it is suggested that you don’t use roman shades for your kitchen or bathroom.

People who like minimalistic designs for their homes can opt for a flat linen roman blind in solid colours or go for a checked or striped fabric. However if you like it fancy then you need to go for a roman shade in lace and satin. You can also go for a fabric with embossed faux silk for a diffused light and a subtler look. In a country house one can consider fabrics like rich tweed or jacquard which have high cotton content. However, if you are interested in installing a roman shade for your kitchen or bathroom then you need to choose a synthetic material which is easy to clean. Roman shades made out of easy to wipe plastic material will prevent the appearance of mold and are extremely easy to maintain.