Prevent Dry Winter Skin In Babies

Baby Sleeping in a comfy bed

The Cold Weather Affects Baby’s Skin

The winter season makes the skin of babies dry and itchy. It would help if you paid special attention when the weather is being changed. Some paediatricians believe that winter doesn’t have to make your baby’s skin dry and itchy if you have already taken necessary actions to counter its harmful impacts. The skin of babies is more sensitive than adults, and it can lose a level of moisture rapidly. During the winter season, you need to be extra careful about dry skin in babies. You need to bring in some changes in the routine of your babies, and any season can pass by.

Go For Short Bath Times:

This probably is the number one part factor that can trigger dry skin in babies. A longer bath with very hot water tends to reduce the skin’s moisture, thus making it dry. Babies indeed tend to relax in hot water, but lukewarm water for their skin is the best therapy. Also, too long baths are said to harm the skin of babies and adults. You can keep the baby bath time to almost 10 to 15 minutes and use lukewarm water. If you want to apply any body wash, go for the mild and soft one. Also, always choose the towel that hasn’t been washed with harsh detergents to pat dry the skin. These preventions are just for winter seasons; you need to adopt these for any season to keep the baby’s skin hydrated. 

Don’t Bathe In Foamy, Bubbly, Or Scented Body Washes:

Parents tend to like scented and fragrance-prone soaps and powders for their children so they smell like flowers. But these elements can hurt the skin of your baby. You need to choose fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and non-harsh products for bathing your child. We all must have seen pictures of a baby taking a bath in hot tubs with bubbles all around. It does look cute, but in reality, these things can dry the skin of your newborn. Rather than making it artificial, make sure to use the baby products that have been recommended by dermatologists and made especially for the baby’s skin. You can also apply baby oil, the one that has been extracted from natural sources. Avoid using artificial means on your baby’s skin and always choose natural products. 

Use Soft Clothes For Dryness Of The Baby’s Body:

Once the bath has been given, dry the body of the baby with a soft towel. You need not rub the towel against the body as the friction can give way to rashes. Just pat dry and apply proper moisturizer to the entire body. It would be best if you were careful as some parts of the body are drier than others. Look for those parts and apply lotion or moisturizer on those parts twice or thrice a day. 


All babies are precious, and all parents are first-time parents at some point in time. Go for a baby dry skin moisturiser in Singapore if you need to get rid of dry skin. They need advice and suggestions to look after their kids. These articles are one way to help parents in bringing up their young ones with care.